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Post job vacancies in your company for free. Develop a regular secondary income by tapping talent in your social network

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Discover more jobs, get an inside track on vacancies, plus support during your application process from internal employees

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Are you in HR?

Start hunting for talent as a team - we call it "Collaborative Hiring". Encourage colleagues to leverage their social networks and you get a continuous pipeline of qualified candidates

Sarah in HR encourages her BigCo colleagues to share vacancies on ReferHire

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Since we all can share jobs on ReferHire, this will help us in reaching the widest talent pool

Rob in BigCo spots the financial opportunity of earning referral bonuses on a regular basis

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Posting jobs for free helps me in targeting the right candidates in my network. Sharing my referral bonus may tempt them to apply thru me

As a job seeker, Donna gets crucial help on her application plus an award offer

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Getting Rob to champion my application will greatly improve my chances. The vacancy is in his team so he should be the best person to answer all my questions. The financial award he has offered is also attractive

Rob thinks Donna's experience is a great fit to the vacancy

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Let me discuss the role and support her throughout the process. HR will be glad to receive her CV

HR performance metrics improve greatly

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Wonderful! I am getting only qualified candidates to evaluate. BigCo now hunts for talent as a team