Assistant to the General Manager

Reef Check Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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1 - 50 years

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Reef check malaysia

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Non Profit General Management
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Reef Check Malaysia is looking for a recent graduate, preferably with a year or two working experience, to join the team and assist the General Manager to implement and exploit new opportunities that arise. The candidate will have a degree in business, communications, marketing or similar, and be sufficiently entrepreneurial to grab hold of ideas and opportunities and shake them until they yield some benefit or opportunity to RCM and its conservation goals. You might be asked to chase down an old fishing boat to sink as an artificial reef off one of the country's islands; you might be asked to prepare a 2 day event including beach clean-ups and talks to an audience to raise awareness of marine debris issues.
You will need excellent communications skills - you will be talking to a Datuk one minute and a fisherman the next. You will need negotiating skills. You will need to be organised. You will need to be able to work without much supervision and get stuff done. But most of all, you need to give a damn about what is happening to the world around you, and have some real world, practical ideas about what we can do to address some of these problems.
No two days will be the same. You won't be spending all your time in an office, travel is expected, as is not having weekends. We have very high expectations of our team members, so expect to work hard.
The job is what you  make it. If you like it, if you succeed - well, you could be the one writing this job advert in 5 years to find someone to be your assistant.

Company Description
Coral reefs are complex marine ecosystems, sometimes described as “the Rainforests of the Seas”. Reefs are valuable:
- ecologically – they are a habitat and breeding ground for many marine species
- economically – they provide millions of people with a food source and employment in tourism and other marine industries
Malaysia is blessed to be part of the Coral Triangle, an area recognised as having the world’s highest marine biodiversity. In 2009, global initiative The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB) released a report by eminent scientists who estimated the value of coral reefs to be US$115,740 per hectare per year. This places Malaysia’s coral reefs, with a cover of 4,000 sq. km, at a value of RM145 billion per year. Despite their value, coral reefs receive little attention from the government and general public when it comes to their conservation and preservation.
RCM’s core programmes cover four topics: EcoAction - coral reef monitoring surveys; advocacy for coral reef conservation; science of coral reefs; and coral reef management.


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