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Buenos Aires, Argentina

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1 - 3 years

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International Trade Sales
Job Description

We will select a Foreign Trade Young Professional for Daewoo POSCO offices in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Main tasks to fulfill: assistance the Business Director, gaining knowledge and experience in the process of trading and also collaborating in the development of a business model.


Requested conditions:

1. Male sex, age up to 30 years, living not far away from the workplace (BA or GBA North) (mandatory).

2. Graduates with a Bachelor degree (BA or equivalent), mandatory.

3. Knowledge or job experience in foreign trade will be considered.

4. English Language oral and written advanced level (mandatory).

5. Key Job Skill: business personality oriented.

Working conditions offered:

1. Workplace: Av del Libertador and Olazábal, zone (Buenos Aires, Argentina).

2. Monday to Friday: 08:30 / 18:00 hs.

3. OSDE 310.

4. Annual Performance Bonus

5. Award birthday.

Company Description

Founded in 1967 as Daewoo Industry, Co., Ltd., POSCO DAEWOO has played a leading role in Korea's economic development by promoting exports. Renamed as Daewoo Corporation in 1982, the company took charge of its trading business. As a spin-off of Daewoo Corporation, Daewoo International Corporation was founded in 2000 as an independent company, specializing in international trade, project organizing and resource development. Achieving the remarkable development of 30% annual sales growth, it was incorporated into the POSCO Group in 2010, giving it a solid foundation for internal stability. In 2016, the company changed its name to POSCO DAEWOO Corporation, and in 2017 it merged with the steel business unit of POSCO P&S, now leading the path to the globalization of the POSCO Group.

Through over 84 of its global networks, POSCO DAEWOO engages in the trading of a wide range of products from steel, automotive and components, machinery and industrial electronics to non-ferrous metal, food resources, chemicals, commodities and textiles, with both local and international customers. Moreover, POSCO DAEWOO plays an active role not only in the export and triangular trade of industrial machines and equipment, but as a project organizer leading the implementation of overseas projects such as the EPC project and the independent power project (IPP).

POSCO DAEWOO actively promotes resource development projects as one of the driving forces of its future growth. Starting with offshore gas field development in Vietnam in 1992, POSCO DAEWOO has engaged in overseas resource development projects in oil, gas, mineral and food resources, including bituminous coal in Narrabri, Australia and palm oil in Indonesia. Through projects such as these, POSCO DAEWOO continues to establish a solid foothold as a leading global resource developer. In particular, POSCO DAEWOO holds the rights to operate the Myanmar offshore gas field that started its commercial production in June, and takes the leading role in its exploration, development and production. It is estimated that this project will yield a yearly average of KRW 300~400 billion Profit Before Tax over the next 25 to 30 years.


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