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Johannesburg, South Africa

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2 - 5 years

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Management Consulting Strategy/ Planning/ Corporate Development
Advertising/Public Relations Creative
Journalism/Media Content
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You love copy writing - the ebbs and flows of coming up with good ideas. The process of fishing for the perfect word and the construction of a killer phrase. But you need a greater challenge. You like juicy problems that live beyond the world of advertising. 

As a copywriter at Genius Works, you're going to need three key traits: flexibility, patience and a mind that's more switched on than off.

Intrigued? Then read on.

How do you know if you're right for the job? You are an insatiably curious person, hard-working and meticulous. You are interested in understanding human nature, psychology, social environments and you like to dig and scratch beyond the surface of things. 

And, oh yes, you also happen to be a darn good writer.

You see, this is not your usual copywriting gig. We are not in advertising. We are a consultancy that solves complex problems for large organisations and we need someone who can help us think through our client's problems, conceptualise, abstract and then come up with inventive solutions. And, only then, write those solutions out in a mind-bogglingly creative way.  

But wait, there's more. If you apply today, you could join a multi-disciplinary team of Psychologists, Social Designers and Systems Thinkers that will keep asking you more questions than giving you answers. You'll be trained in Design Thinking and you'll get to say that your job is never boring.

Fine print: No batteries included. Bring your own.

If you would like to join our Genius Team, please send a cover letter to tell us why you are perfect for the Copywriter-come-Thinking-Ninja positionaccompanied by your CV to .

Company Description

At Genius Works we are passionate about simplifying and teaching cutting-edge skills in leading creativity, innovation and change.

We are a fast-growing group of passionate and dedicated individuals that assist leaders and teams to become innovators and change-makers. We do this by gathering cutting-edge thinking methodologies and simplifying them. 

We shake things up, challenge the status-quo and teach you how to create potent, imaginative change within the contexts that matter to you most.

We offer capabilities that assist in harnessing the innate genius that exists within functional groups and develop their abilities to respond to ever-changing complexities.

Genius Works understands that the world is changing at a phenomenal rate and aims to be a leader in educating people in the crucial skills needed to thrive in a complex and ever changing world. 


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