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Job Description

Interested Representatives will help receive contract payment from our client within their region. Representatives will receive with their bank account, being contract payment from our different clients. Representatives are entitled to certain commission on every payment they receive through their bank account, once payment from our client gets to Representative bank account, Representative is entitled to deduct his/her commission before transferring payment to our company's account as shall be provided. After distribution of goods and service.

About Excel logistics

Excel Logistics was founded in 2000 with the belief that we could provide a better international freight forwarding and logistics package to a handful of clients that we developed a relationship with through our understanding of their individual requirements. We understood then that every customer or organization has its own unique requirements and that it was imperative to take the time to understand exactly what they were and to put this understanding into practice! Since 2000 the business has continued to grow through the kind references from our existing clientele and the alignment with professional agents from around the world who also support Excel.
Excel boasts a relatively young but extremely consciences and professional team that bring over 100 years of experience within the international shipping freight and customs industries! 
Our strategy is to continue to grow through service excellence and to not only achieve satisfaction for our customers but to Excel above their expectations! This will be achieved by continuing to listen to our customers and identify the changing needs as well as keeping them informed of the significant changes within the industry.

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