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Mountain Tap Bar & Grill

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Job Description

employment type: part-time 

Non-Corporate Local Rustic Neighborhood Bar Seeking a PART/FULL-TIME Line Cook.
As Part of the team the skills desired are as follows:
- Ability to work well with others and handle high-stress volume periods.
- Plate items to be consistent as specified.
- Meet cook times
- Be on time and presentable
- Be aware of temperatures on all equipment.
- Common sense, how to light an oven, clean a fryer, and basic cooking skills. 
- Must have own transportation.
- Clean while maintaining line and overall kitchen.
- Maintain equipment check temp, keep coils clear, and overall cleanliness.
- Follow recipes and maintain consistency.
- Common sense a must and be independent. If you are an individual that is a custom to micro-management this probably is not the right fit.
- Multi-task skills highly desired.
-Wash hands, clean hands, overall CLEAN ATTRIBUTES!!!!
- Complimentary meal per shift.
- Play any type of music you like.
- We do not micromanage we expect you to do your job with pride without looking over your shoulder.
- We support any new ideas if you like to try something new we will do our best to give and support it.
- True team player and great work ethic.
- Ballgame tickets, concert tickets, and all kinds of swag.
- %50 off all meals when not working.
- %25 off when bringing the family in up to 8.
- Take care of us we will take care of you.
- Pay for performance.
- Promoting happens within the organization.

About Mountain Tap Bar & Grill

We are a non-corporate bar and grill. We lead by independent and do not micromanage, simply put we expect the job to get done and strive for a team that looks out for each other and the overall organization.

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