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New York City, United States

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1 - 2 years

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Financial Services Sales
Advertising/Public Relations Finance
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Earn Big Dollars By Helping Business Owners Get Cash! (LA) hide this posting unhide

compensation: 2 to 5 percent commission per deal that is funded
employment type: employee's choice
telecommuting okay

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Earn Big Dollars By Helping Business Owners Get Cash!
Why Become A Small Business Capital Agent With DAC
•Work from home or anywhere!
•Flexible schedule (full-time or part-time)
•The market for small business capital is booming
•Businesses have growth opportunities but can't get money from the "big banks"
•No licensing requirements to slow you down
•More approvals - Our top-tiered providers have less stringent criteria than big banks
•Quick approvals (1 business day) and fast funding (soon as 2 days).
•Helping businesses get funding can be very satisfying and lucrative
•Proven training to increase your effectiveness.
How would You Be Compensated?
Earn Personal Commissions -"Direct Pay"*
You will receive commissions for each funded capital client that you personally introduce to DAC. This commission averages 2-4% of the funded amount but could be as high as 5%. (Example: Help a client get a $100,000 in capital and earn $2,000-$5,000 commission). There is no limit to the number of clients you can assist to secure capital. GET PAID WITHIN 5 BUSINESS DAYS OF FUNDING!
Personal Referral Override "Enroller's Direct Pay"*
If you refer other individuals who become Independent Sales Agents, you can qualify to earn overrides on the capital clients they acquire. (Example: One of your Agents helps a client get a $100,000 in capital. They would earn their commission, plus you would earn between $500-$1,200. There is no limit to the number of independent agents you can personally refer).
Extended Agent "Direct Pay Overrides"*
If your personally enrolled agents enroll other agents, this develops your Extended Agent team. You can qualify to earn Direct Pay Overrides on up to 4 levels of Extended Agent enrollees.
No cost or fees required to become an agent with us!
Write your own paycheck!
Email  DPUGLIA9@GMAIL.COM to get more info to work with us
Company Description

David Allen Capital has provided to date over 10 billion in funding for small business owners!

We are better then dealing with a bank fast approval and your helping others get funds they need!

You will be excited to provide a much needed service and earn a great income!


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