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Senior Lab Technician (Biochemistry Department)

Suraksha Diagnostic

Job 3 - 7 years Fill 66 Kolkata (West Bengal)

Key Relationship

Consultants, Quality Cell, Lab Administrator and Other Internal Departments

Reporting to

Lab Director , Lab Administrator &Technical Supervisor

Job Purpose

The main responsibility of this position is to operate equipments of the biochemistry department, performing test procedures, verification of the test results & maintenance of the reagents, specimen, equipments & department.

Main Responsibility

Responsibilities are as follows:

1. switches on the analysers as per machine operating flow chart.

2. Daily maintenance of the equipments as per the checklists.

3. Take out reagents from the refrigerator at least 30 mins before the test.

4. Put reagents on the machines.

5. Check all associate papers that are required for the testing and document the same.

6. Centrifugation the sample if required

7. Reagent lot verification by running calibrator, control & 3 level (high, normal & low) patient samples in case of new reagent lot.

8. Running of daily QCs according to standard operative procedures:

  • Internal QC samples
  • Retesting of retained samples
  • Replicate testing
  • Auto-manual comparison
  • Inter-instrument comparison
  • Bracketing
  • Split Testing

9. Review of daily QC outliers and take corrective action of outliers (if required) on either daily LJ file or in QC Unity Real Time software.

10. Internal Calibration of equipments if required by using calibrators control & 3 level (high, normal & low) patient samples for verification.

11. Retesting of one previous day retained sample for checking at least 3-4 parameters for machine background check & Specimen storage integrity.

12. Segregation of samples between the equipment and start testing

13. Segregation of run day samples for future use.

14. Results are scanned for individual parameters and do the verification of the result for final release of the reports.

15. Report worksheets are typed for release of the reports.

16. Abnormal results are either repeated with same sample or with different instrument or with different method or with different lot of reagent or hold. The specimen may be rejected for further analysis with fresh sample.

17. Call the patient if any doubts are there and record them

18. Intimation of critical alert values and documentation of the same both on paper / system.

19. PT (EQAS, CAP, Inter-lab) sample handling, testing, result sending, & corrective action of PT outliers (if required).

20. Weekly maintenance of equipments.

21. Reconstitution of control & calibrator and separate them day wise.

22. Storage of Sample & reagents as per protocol

23. Maintenance of stock in stock register and intimating the inventory when stock exhaustion is imminent.

24. All kit literatures are preserved in respective files with entry of date of opening and date of expiry. Similar entries are made on the reagent vials and containers.

25. Test done marking for all manual tests .

26. Bracketing of samples Some already defined common parameters are run (random) in all the machines and maintain excel copy so that EP Evaluator software can be updated.

27. Call log at the time of machine breakdown.

28. If any manual slides are prepared, results/ interpretation/ graphs are manually entered in the system after microscope examination of slides

29. Instrument Back up is done as and when required (if exceeds more than 10000 tests).

30. Update EP evaluator software for all kinds of quality check (Retained sample, intra instrument, bracketing, calibration verification, precision, accuracy etc).

31. All registers/ soft copies/ files/ formats are maintained as per the master list of documents

32. Maintain Sample disposal system

33. Participating in various training Program for continuous improvement in service

34. Maintain Biomedical Waste management system

35. To take active role in new test/ new method/ new equipment validation system procedure.

36. Maintain TAT as defined.

37. Maintain Suraksha Quality in tests and procedures.

38. Ensure Departmental housekeeping and maintenance is as per guideline.

39. Ensure readiness of the department for next day.

40. Adherence to test wise SOP

41. Emergency Situation handling.

EASTERN INDIAS LARGEST DIAGNOSTIC CHAINE, stablished in 1992 as Suraksha Diagnostics & Eye Centre (P) Ltd. in Kolkata, we started as one of the first diagnostic centers in Kolkata to provide all pathology and radiology services under one roof. This convenience, along with our unwavering commitment to accuracy and service, resulted in steady growth and popularity. Within 3 years we could confidently open a second Center at Siliguri, in North Bengal, which remains the largest such facility in the region, and today serves not only to patients from North Bengal, but also neighbouring States and countries. Since then we have grown steadily across West Bengal and Bihar. THE BEST OF TECHNOLOGIES AND KNOWHOW. Committed to deliver world-class quality, Suraksha’s Diagnostic Centres are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment from GE, Schiller, Beckman Coulter, Siemens, Roche Diagnostic, Biorat D10, Variant Turbo, Biomerieux, Phillips, etc. The technology is backed by high caliber diagnosticians: Radiologists, Bio-chemists, Pathologists, Microbiologists as well as skilled technicians. Diagnostic services range from Radiology to Pathology, Histopathology and Molecular Biology.SETTING BENCHMARKS IN SERVICESService has always been the distinguishing factor in Suraksha’s popularity. Whether it is the comfort, convenience or courtesy at the Centres or in delivering quick, accurate reports, we have led industry practices in India. Today with services such as online reports and SMS alerts we continue to lead the way in leveraging technology for better services.THE NEIGHBOURHOOD POLYCLINICSSuraksha Polyclinics is another aspect of Suraksha’s service, where specialist doctors can be consulted directly by patients. Most of Suraksha centres have an associated polyclinic and few of them include super-speciality clinics for Diabetes, Breast , Pain Management to provide holistic treatment.

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