VP of Partnership Development

Alternative Business Consulting Solutions

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Job Description

Help us expand the reach of our amazing Business Builder platform by proactively enlisting marketing and referral partners. Consulting services are a trust based service so there's no better way to earn instant trust and credibility then to work with someones trusted team members. These potential partners will be CPA's , Business Brokers, Business Attornies, Lenders or Financing Agents, Merchant Account Companies and Commercial Insurance Agents.
You will be responsible for:
1) Providing potential partners with information on our unique business development program
2) Demonstrating how our service can integrate with thier current and prospective client base
3) Explaining the compensation and engagement process
4) Executing referral partner documents so that we can set them up with shared folder access
5) Asking for "test client" as part of being an enrolled partner so that we are only dealing with partners that want to be active.
6)Meeting our established quotas for enrolled partners and test clients
7) Providing support for enrolled partners and doing monthly or bi-weekly check in's to see how we can be of assistance.
8) Using all approved means and scripts to recruit partners - including telephone, email, internet, in person or network meetings/speaking engagements.
9) Constantly being proactive with maintaining the required number of partners and recruiting more to fill in drop offs.

About Alternative Business Consulting Solutions

Alternative Business Consulting Solutions is in the process of expanding from its current independent contractor consulting model to a full fledged in house business development team which includes consultants, financing experts, inside/outside salespeople and a network of referral partners and ISO's to allow us to be able to help more businesses. We offer outside the box solutions to business growth problems so our company culture will reflect an outside the box management mindset by making working for ABC Solutions not just a job....but a way of life and regardless of what position you have, being a key in helping us realize or vision and mission.

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